We're glad you stopped by.
It is our prayer that what you find here brings peace or a blessing to
your life.
We're committed to proclaiming salvation by God's grace through faith
in Jesus Christ!
If you should have a question or comment. You can ask it or make it
within and your question will be answered too!
A place of love, learning, and prayer.
Share the Bible and its applications in an easy format.
To see souls saved unto the Lord.

This church and website aren't affiliated with any denomination.

The King James Bible is our sole authority.

We exist totally to serve God and those the Holy Spirit sends us.

We encourage those to learn about the Word of God.

We have the freedom to share the Truth that makes us free!

What we are hoping to do is:
Provide a place where meetings can be held for
Teaching the Word of God and More.
On the website:
Sharing mini - sermons & messages we hope will brighten your day
and by answering any questions you may have by e-mail!!
Welcome to Hyannis Baptist Church!
Where The Truth Shall Make You Free!!
The objectives of our church:

Hyannis Baptist Church
Lawrence R. Simas, Sr., Pastor
89 Windshore Dr.
Hyannis, Ma.
E-mail: pastorlarry2513@verizon.net
e-mail for seating availability
Meeting Tentatively Wednesday evenings at 7 PM EST

A completely independent HOME church with you in mind!!

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